Canadian Network of Improved Outcomes in SLE (CANIOS) registry

CANIOS – CAnadian Network of Improved Outcomes in SLE Registry


LUNA is proud to participate in the CANIOS registry. We will be collecting information about lupus at least once a year. The information includes your specific disease signs and symptoms, blood and urine tests, surveys that look at your quality of life and other medical problems. The information from LUNA is included in the CANIOS registry, which means your information is included amongst other lupus patients at CANIOS sites across Canada. Your personal information is removed so there is no way someone can trace you.


Lupus is not a very common disease, so pooling your information with others helps us get a Canadian perspective. By looking at how the disease is influenced by factors such as ethnicity, the organs affected, the types of antibodies you have, where you live and so on, we hope to personalize how we treat lupus in the future.